Photo credits

I tend to enjoy adding the odd photo to liven up my posts. Thanks to Lawrence Lessig‘s wonderful work setting up the Creative Commons licensing, combined with the efforts of amateur photographers worldwide, and last but not least Flickr, it’s incredibly easy to find great images. Currently all the images I’ve used come with the CC Attribution 2.0 Generic Licence, so here are the attributions:

The lovely header image of Dundee from the east, in the site header, comes from here.

In “The games degree bubble”, the graduation cake comes from here and the dog chasing bubbles (especially love this one!), comes from here.

In “Game degrees: possible future directions”, the maths teacher at blackboard, is from here, and the B-25 Mitchell Bomber is from here.

In “Management for Geeks”, the toddler photo is my own, and the spaghetti code is from here.

In “Your own worst enemy”, the binary tattoo is from here, and the woman reading horoscope is from here.

In “Get your source under control”, the clock gears are from here, and the child chasing pigeons is from here.

In “How to get a job at RTW 1”, the Brooklyn gang arrest is from here, and the boat building photo is from here.  In part 2, the rubbish heap is from here, and the French student demonstrating is from here.

In “Dare to be Digital 2008”, the cocktail photo is from here.

In “Action Time”, action man comes from here and the 360 panorama is from here.

In “Anti-social networking”, the Nigel Tufnel action figure comes from here.  I want one now!

In “Maths love”, the Taroko Gorge image is from here, and the sheep haggling is from here.

In “My, um, presentation about, er, tools”, Shakespeare is from here and Jesse Owens is from here.

In “Develop 2008 diary”, the fighting polar bears are from here.

In “Why not to build in-house tools”, I used this giraffe, this mop bucket, this iceberg, and this cat on a railway line!

In “Optimising content creation”, the space invaders are from here.

In “The case against C++”, the thinking man is from here, the binmen are from here, and the New Coke can is from here.

In “Model View Controller is Extinct”, the fake model photo is from here.  I think it’s Photoshopped and not true tilt-shift, but the layout of the cars and bikes makes it especially effective.

In “Extensible tools”, the Prince Edward Viaduct image is from here, and the Solar Eclipse from here.

In “How to get a job at RTW (3)”, the duck with ducklings is from here.

In “The art of doubt”, the old Japanese fortune-teller is from here.

In “The agile disease”, the sheep are from here and the scrum is from here.

In “Development without a name”, the lego gymnast is from here.

In “Unifying multiple priorities”, the Singapore port image is from here.

In “A rule of thumb and a silver bullet”, the meditating people are from here.

In “The trouble with state”, the infrared trees are from here, and the Tuscan landscape is from here.

In “Stupid evil cancerous liars”, the Navy Seals training are from here.

In “Overtime done right”, the misty landscape is from here.

In “Debugging web traffic”, the cookie is from here.

In “Getting the best out of programmers”, the microscope slides are from here.

In “Why hiring is all about elimination”, the archaeologists are from here.

In “Moving to the US”, the Moroccan market is from here.

In “Just use a bug database”, the sweets are from here.

In “Science is not a popularity contest”, the weather front is from here.

In “A brief encounter with the US public school system”, the cupcakes are from here.

In “An exciting time for camera technology”, the NEX-7 image is from here.

Many thanks to all the photographers for making their wonderful work available 🙂

2 Responses to Photo credits

  1. Jo says:

    you know what I love – flickr stats, for finding where my photos have been used on the net.

    thanks for the credit, it’s amazing how many people don’t understand that they can’t just take photos without looking into the creative commons licenses

    from, Jo (photographer of the binary tattoo)

  2. Stephen says:

    The “Model View Controller is Extinct” tilt-shift photo is mine… it is Photoshopped, taken waiting for a ferry to load on a Greek island. Glad it was useful!

    (got a referral on Flickr today)

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