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A rule of thumb and a silver bullet

Making good design decisions (in the software engineering sense) is tricky.  In theory, you can boil everything down to first principles and make a decision based in pure logic.  But in practice, this tends not to happen very much outside … Continue reading

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Don’t repeat yourself

In the last few weeks of 2008 I spent a bit of time converting Jonathan Shewchuk’s adaptive floating-point predicates (included in his Triangle library) into C#.  I don’t want to bash on this too much: the algorithms in question, and … Continue reading

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Fraternising with the Dark Side

I just stumbled upon this in the Scrum development newsgroup: On the Scrum Trainers Yahoo site, this was posted in reference to Halliwell’s blog by a trainer who trained Halliwell in Scrum.  I removed the trainers’ (last) names (by the … Continue reading

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Development without a name

After the rant, it’s time to be constructive.  I was pleasantly surprised last time round by the comments: while I may have vented more strongly than some would have liked, there’s a clear dissatisfaction with capital-A Agile in many quarters, … Continue reading

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The Agile Disease

The games industry is rushing headlong to Agile development methodologies just now; it’s a great source of excitement for some, with conference sessions and magazine articles left, right and centre, and “evangelists” spreading the word. I’m sick of it.  I … Continue reading

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Extensible tools

Part 6 (final part) of “Building World-class Art Tools” from Develop 08 The more you’ve invested in a tool, the more projects you want to use it on, to recover that investment.  This means in turn that it’s harder to … Continue reading

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Model View Controller is Extinct

Part 5 of “Building World-class Art Tools” from Develop 08 Today’s post has been a particular pleasure: one of those special times when writing changed my mind.  At my original talk at Develop, I said “use Model View Controller”, loud … Continue reading

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