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RTW Contest Online Round Analysis

We held the online qualification round for the Realtime Worlds Student Programming Contest last night.  I’ll post separately about my experience of organising it, but for now wanted to give some analysis of the questions.  For those who didn’t take … Continue reading

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Triple trouble

It’s been a long time since my last blog entry. I do have a pretty good excuse – well, 3 good excuses: Yep, I am now the proud father of identical triplets 😀 So what’s been happening at work? Beta … Continue reading

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My love for plugins, reaffirmed

Recently we chose Jira as our new bug database, for reasons mostly explained in my previous post (at least, those were my reasons – other people were involved, no doubt with their own reasons). We were on Bugzilla before, which … Continue reading

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Choosing a business model for a game

I just came across this post by Nicholas Lovell in response to Dave’s talk at the GameHorizon conference.  I don’t want to get into debating all of it (obviously I disagree on the “epic fail” bit!!), but item #2 really … Continue reading

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Just making a boot

I’ve been working on APB for a little while now.  It didn’t seem worth posting about at first as there wasn’t much to see of the game publicly, but after E3, there’s plenty: I still feel like a total newbie.  … Continue reading

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Overtime, done right

We’ve all heard the games industry overtime horror stories.  ea_spouse is still the most famous example but if you work in games, you’ll know more.  I’ve heard of people that were forced to stay late every night because of a … Continue reading

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Asteroid action!

A few people have asked for video of the asteroids game from the RTW programming contest.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to organise capturing the actual run in the final, but I re-ran the entries just now and captured the … Continue reading

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