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Science is not a popularity contest

Here’s a story that’s been all over the online news this week: the Wall Street Journal published a piece, signed by 16 scientists, about how climate change isn’t cause for concern. So obviously there’s some nonsense in there, that plenty … Continue reading

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My apologies

Before I move onto writing about some other stuff, I have one last thing to say about the Agile Disease, and that’s “sorry”.  I was undoubtedly over the top in my tone, and was rude to a number of people … Continue reading

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The Agile Disease

The games industry is rushing headlong to Agile development methodologies just now; it’s a great source of excitement for some, with conference sessions and magazine articles left, right and centre, and “evangelists” spreading the word. I’m sick of it.  I … Continue reading

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Codecs, Powerpoint, and the end of my tether

A couple of weeks back, I gave an internal presentation that included quite a few videos.  Getting these videos to work reminded me just how terrible this corner of the software world can be. I put together my videos using … Continue reading

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Anti-social networking

I don’t know about you, but I’m highly sick of lame wannabe social networking sites.  Not wanting to pick on one in particular, but what triggered me to write about this was a reminder I got today from Plaxo that … Continue reading

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Get your source under control!

A common pattern I’ve noticed is that the games industry is frequently a step or two behind the rest of the software development world – more or less as you’d expect given our rapid growth – we’re like the fast-growing … Continue reading

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