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Development without a name

After the rant, it’s time to be constructive.  I was pleasantly surprised last time round by the comments: while I may have vented more strongly than some would have liked, there’s a clear dissatisfaction with capital-A Agile in many quarters, … Continue reading

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The Agile Disease

The games industry is rushing headlong to Agile development methodologies just now; it’s a great source of excitement for some, with conference sessions and magazine articles left, right and centre, and “evangelists” spreading the word. I’m sick of it.  I … Continue reading

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The Art of Doubt

Do you believe in ESP?  Precognition?  Clairvoyance?  Telepathy?  Psychokinesis?  Assuming you don’t (!!), how do you argue against such things?  It’s pretty simple, right: you apply the critical thinking techniques that are essential to science: Is the theory falsifiable?  In … Continue reading

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Dysfunction and fanatics

A game developer starts putting bugs in his code deliberately.  A teacher helps their students to cheat on an exam.  Another teacher throws a student’s exam paper in the bin rather than submitting it.  A shoe factory starts producing nothing … Continue reading

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Action time

Part 3 of management for geeks. When it comes to improving your management skills, I can’t think of many better recommendations than an action plan – sometimes called a personal development plan, or something equally cheesy.  It’s deceptively simple: Analyse … Continue reading

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Your own worst enemy

Part 2 of management for geeks. The first step in my quest for managerial self-improvement was a bit of self-assessment: a DISC assessment and a 360-degree review. These delivered a pretty big message: I’m working against myself here, my very … Continue reading

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Management for Geeks

Are you a geek? A former programmer? Have you just recently started managing people? Me too! There’s nothing specific to game development about this, but the fast growth of the industry means there are inevitably quite a few people in … Continue reading

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