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My to-do list

I’m a bit of a to-do list nut, always looking for new and better ways to manage the list. It sounds trivial, and in some ways it is, but I think it’s also very important for a manager.  One of … Continue reading

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Just use a bug database!

Last time I said I’d talk a bit about my preferred tools for software project management.  Right now, I’m a huge believer in just using the bug database.  Pick a good one, a web-based one, and I can’t see any … Continue reading

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Gantt charts are a waste of space

When I first started managing a small software team, I was expected to use MS Project and its Gantt charts as the primary means of planning the team’s work.  For a while now, I’ve believed that this is a terrible … Continue reading

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Why hiring is all about elimination

Question: when hiring engineers, do you look for positive reasons to hire someone (they’ve done something good, have a good capability, a particular strength or good potential), or do you look for reasons not to hire someone (not enough experience, … Continue reading

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Unifying multiple priorities

Here’s a fairly common project management problem: You need to assign priorities (or some other kind of value, say “risk level”) to a number of different project elements.  You need these values to be balanced so they make sense across … Continue reading

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Fraternising with the Dark Side

I just stumbled upon this in the Scrum development newsgroup: On the Scrum Trainers Yahoo site, this was posted in reference to Halliwell’s blog by a trainer who trained Halliwell in Scrum.  I removed the trainers’ (last) names (by the … Continue reading

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Development without a name

After the rant, it’s time to be constructive.  I was pleasantly surprised last time round by the comments: while I may have vented more strongly than some would have liked, there’s a clear dissatisfaction with capital-A Agile in many quarters, … Continue reading

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The Agile Disease

The games industry is rushing headlong to Agile development methodologies just now; it’s a great source of excitement for some, with conference sessions and magazine articles left, right and centre, and “evangelists” spreading the word. I’m sick of it.  I … Continue reading

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The Art of Doubt

Do you believe in ESP?  Precognition?  Clairvoyance?  Telepathy?  Psychokinesis?  Assuming you don’t (!!), how do you argue against such things?  It’s pretty simple, right: you apply the critical thinking techniques that are essential to science: Is the theory falsifiable?  In … Continue reading

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Dysfunction and fanatics

A game developer starts putting bugs in his code deliberately.  A teacher helps their students to cheat on an exam.  Another teacher throws a student’s exam paper in the bin rather than submitting it.  A shoe factory starts producing nothing … Continue reading

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