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Putting together a simple website

I finally got around to putting together a simple personal homepage.  I guess it’s something I’ve vaguely been meaning to do for a while, and was recently prompted into action by WordPress notifying me on my blog that this domain … Continue reading

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An exciting time for camera technology

I’ve toyed with the idea of upgrading from our point and shoot for a few years, but this is the photo where I’d finally had enough: Most people’s reaction is ‘SO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE’. Well, ok … yes they are. But while … Continue reading

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Science is not a popularity contest

Here’s a story that’s been all over the online news this week: the Wall Street Journal published a piece, signed by 16 scientists, about how climate change isn’t cause for concern. So obviously there’s some nonsense in there, that plenty … Continue reading

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Five questions about the future of television

This is the year we gave up on having cable service and a traditional phone line. We have joined the ranks of the internet-only!  There’s not much to say about the phone line; I sort of miss its reliability but … Continue reading

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A brief encounter with the US public school system

So we started Lexie off in kindergarten at our local school back in August.  Four months later, and we’ve taken her out of school to do home schooling instead. While it wasn’t for us, it was most certainly worth going … Continue reading

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The Power of Often

I’m not into New Year’s resolutions in a huge way (trying to improve your life – good; waiting for Jan 1st – why?), but I do find the turn of the year sometimes puts me in a reflective mood. This … Continue reading

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Dreamworks first impressions

My first few months have flown by pretty fast, so I wanted to get a few of my early thoughts down before they become not-so-early.  I had a lot of trouble linking these disconnected impressions into prose, so it’s now … Continue reading

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I don’t care if your cat just died

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Object-oriented programming sucks

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Moving to the US

I thought I’d put together a few notes on moving from the UK to the USA.  I’ve had a couple of people ask about the process, so hopefully it’s somewhat useful.  It also pretty much tells the story of what … Continue reading

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