Object-oriented programming sucks

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  2. Lkz says:

    I’m afraid I don’t get the overall message ;P

    • Ian says:

      Agreed, this is frustratingly ambiguous!

      • lukehalliwell says:

        Simply that twitter is not a great format for discussing something technical. Although, recent OOP discussions were probably bound to be a mess in whatever format.

  3. Auscoder says:

    That’s meant to be Mike right? Uncanny.

    • lukehalliwell says:

      Actually, not so. I wasn’t going to reveal this, but I think I have to just to be clear that this is not Mike!

      Here’s how I got to this point:

      1. I can’t draw (ok, that’s kind of obvious from the above)
      2. I tried drawing a generic face and it was just embarrassing. Totally unpublishable. I realised that my only chance was to simplify, but couldn’t think how for a while.
      3. Eventually I had the idea of drawing a Lego man. It turns out they are actually simple enough for me to draw somewhat ok. This is why he doesn’t have a nose btw.
      4. I didn’t want it to be too obviously a Lego man so I removed the brick top and added glasses.
      5. I didn’t want the other guy to look too similar so I tapered his head shape and added some hair. But he is still based off the same starting point.

  4. The art style is unique, reminds me of early Transformers comics. As for the story – I believe it was in The Guardians’ review that they said “This could be the second greatest story ever told”.

  5. Dundee Programmer says:

    This is going back a long time but I remember learning to program Windows apps using Win32 and C, and finding this an elegant model for the windowing system – and like many others I read the classic text by Petzold. Then I looked at C++ and MFC – and I swear this was created by the devil! Object oriented design is good IF it fits the problem. AND how well the developer models the problem is important also. MFC worked well for certain things like IO serialization I recall – but for the complexities of the GUI environment it was truely nightmarish. Real programmers don’t use ‘wizards’ – and you cannot learn to be a programmer by ‘using’ wizards.

    In studying the Apache web server I note it is written in C, not C++, and maybe that tells us a lot. Apache is a remarkable piece of software created by volunteers and is the most widely used web server in the world – and hence one of the most widely used and depended upon pieces of software in the world.

  6. mr Yo says:

    I don’t get it.. Object-oriented programming sucks? as opposed to what :S

    I mean I understand if you say that C++ sucks or so, but I never heard anyone claim that the concept of OOP sucks, I’mconfused :S

  7. ALCH3MIST says:

    I agree. OOP is pretty much the best solution we have at the present.
    Btw, I like your blog. Thumbs up!

  8. Doc_Holliday says:

    It’s sad that there are so many “educated” people that have no idea that other programming language models besides OOP. Almost scary, really…

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