Where Realtime Worlds went wrong

I finally feel that I’ve got enough perspective on things to put together some thoughts on what went wrong at Realtime Worlds.  It’s been a tough piece to put together, because the scope of the question is just so big.  In the end, I’ve settled for a set of observations that are cultural in nature.  With my knowledge of what happened, these are the closest I feel I can get to root causes.

It does raise the questions of why we had these cultural problems, and when they crept in.  These are pretty hard questions.  One thing many old-timers agree on is that the investment felt like a turning point for the worse.  Perhaps we just didn’t know how to handle the investment.  Perhaps the new senior managers brought in were harmful.  Or perhaps our resulting growth rate simply exposed latent problems that had been there from the start.  Either way, the money ended up feeling like a curse, another theme you’ll see running through this piece.

There are some things I am definitely not going to talk about.  For example, I am not going to discuss APB’s design flaws.  For one thing, I wasn’t close enough to the decisions made there to understand how we went wrong – and if I’m being honest, I don’t play online games enough to claim any great understanding.  Fortunately, there are plenty of good opinion pieces on those elsewhere.

In any case, I don’t think specific design flaws were the root cause of our problems.  While it’s true that without them, APB probably could have sold much better and I wouldn’t be writing this piece, it would be a very lazy attempt to explain our failure.  It would be tantamount to pointing the finger at a small number of staff and saying “it was all your fault”.

I don’t buy that.  There were 300 of us, some of us there for years, and we spent over $100m.  The problems had to run deeper than that.  I believe our poor decisions (and there were plenty of them, not just in design!) are best explained as patterns of behaviour within the context of a system that was not healthy.


Let’s start with our attitude to the outside world.  Here we were, supposedly trying to build these great online games, but we were stunningly inept at outside interaction.  There were some high-profile release window gaffes – like attempting to BAN THE INTERNET FROM REVIEWING APB for a whole week – and then telling the world that they just didn’t understand our game – but it’s what we didn’t say that was most harmful of all.  We had this incredible secrecy around everything we did.  I liked this approach for early development – no point boasting about stuff that’s not ready – but at some point, with an online product, you have to engage your users.

We had deeply ingrained approaches to development that derived from the boxed-product world.  We had a deep fear of letting anyone find out anything about our game until the last possible minute.  “Release early and iterate”, a proven success model for online software, was anathema to RTW.  We would constantly find ways to avoid showing features off or talking openly about the product.  Press interest was built by incredibly elaborately-constructed demos, choreographed with clockwork precision.  Our team of QA ninjas trained night and day so as to be able to act out the same scripted combat scenario on demand (they were actually pretty impressive to watch doing this!).  At first, the press would just watch these sessions as examples of “live” gameplay.  Later, they’d be allowed to join in, but would be so outnumbered by our staff that they would be forced to stay on the rails of our script.

As another example, I’ve heard people complain that we should have considered the business model for APB much earlier on.  The truth is that we did – we had it figured out years before release – we just decided not to tell anyone, and inadvertently gave gamers the impression it was going to be free to play.  They weren’t too happy when they found out.

We wouldn’t even set up small, regular user tests to observe people playing our game.  We couldn’t show anything to anyone until it was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.  The irony, of course, is that by not showing your work, you never get to perfect it – particularly with online software, whose design can only be validated by having a large number of people use it.

Stop, that’s my job!

Living amongst this culture were a significant number of employees that did get online community.  This is obviously going to be the case in a company full of software developers and keen gamers, many of them actively involved in other online communities.  Our best attempts to interact with the outside world were when we occasionally let some of our QA and development staff loose on the forums and in-game.

The really sad part is that, more often than not, we prevented or discouraged such people from helping out by building these bizarre internal divisions between groups.  I think this was a misguided attempt to imitate how other big online games run things.  For example, I once heard one of our fine QA staff being berated for – wait for it – emailing a summary of forum activity around QA.  This guy had gone through every single forum post looking for complaints that might signify bugs, and summarised it in a plan of action for the QA team to investigate further.  Commendable stuff indeed, but here he was, being told that ONLY OUR DEDICATED COMMUNITY TEAM were allowed to summarise forum activity for others (usually in the form of a number from 1-100 representing how favourable forum feedback was that week.  Never found out how they computed that or what we were supposed to do with it.)

Stern-sounding codes of conduct were emailed around that, whatever their intent, in practice scared many developers away from interacting directly with our users.  Not to worry, though, because our Community team was on the case!  Except if a forum post was about a bug, because that wasn’t their area … bugs were for Customer Support.  Who, naturally, didn’t read the forums … because that was Community’s job!

I can see how these rules make sense for big, established online games.  Codes of conduct in-game to prevent developers abusing their inside position for in-game success.  Codes of conduct on forums to prevent accidental PR disasters.  Clear divisions between groups and processes for reporting bugs to ensure smooth handling of large volumes of data.

But these are all problems that successful games have.  We had a different problem – engaging with our community and getting people to give a shit about our product – and all these rules and divisions just got in the way.

That’s all for today.  Next time, I’ll continue this theme of broken corporate structure, and uncover some more ways we got it wrong …

Part 2 and Part 3 are now up.

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  1. Robert says:

    Sounds like a bunch of management wanted to try and force the small group into a big corporate type atmosphere. Guess that’s a result of getting 100M in funding. Sounds like a shitty place to work.

    I look forward to your future posts 🙂

    • keld ipsen says:

      “… best explained as patterns of behaviour within the context of a system… ”

      Put aside the total lack of content in this sentence, and what really made me laugh is, it is a nice way of removing any causality on your part to something distant, unknown, external and unresponsive.

      You spend all this time surrounding yourself with indifferences, social status, money, titles, advertising, keeping up appearances, posing and simulating that you completely lost touch with reality —

      In your blog you reflect on you, you and you. How you personally are trying to persuade yourself you have moved on and you were only collaberating because it was out of your hands and you needed your bread and butter after all. Well, funny because I imagine hold the socalled corporate types, you spent most of this blog trying to seperate yourself from, using that exact same arguement. We all have to eat, we all have responsibilities.
      Making you a huge hypocrite and at the end of the day another blue collar slave working the wheel for cash, where is your sympathy for the gamers, the fans, the people who spent their money on APB ? Or how about the people who got fired? Don’t much care about others than yourself eh, funny wouldn’t you say
      Probably where you come off the most disconnected is your total indifference towards APB. You don’t mention any dreams, visions, adventures or hopes you had for it. If you had even the slightest passion for the game it would come off, I have zero respect for people like you.

      Let me explain to you that a game is a child of creation and imagination, much like a movie or a piece of music, someone cared for it, loved it, put their heart into it —

      If you understood this, to gamer’s, plain as day fact, there wouldn’t have been any problems for the simple fact people would have fought for their child.
      Your a cold sellout, a hypocrite and white collar slave, mate. APB became what you are, straight trash !

  2. The Human Avatar says:

    To me, there was a long-running lack of passion in the APB team because a lot of us had accepted that the game was fundamentally a bit crap months or years ago.

    I remember the “Joshua” meetings near release where he’d congratulate us for hitting dates and having “a great product” and there’d just be a tumbleweed instead of smiles or applause.

  3. JC Gamer says:

    I was a subscriber to the game and played frequently. I was witness to the lack of interaction and muted responses about bugs and issues. There was one community member who took it upon herself to try and help users with issues. She would trouble shoot, get Dxdaig.txt files and pour through the work- for free- just to make sure that the population would remain and not push people off due to the lack of response.
    Then there was the online game play and the game was rife with cheaters who had subscription based cheats that were blatantly advertising their availability and they were effective in wiping out the population rather quickly. Being an experienced gamer, you get to know and identify cheaters rather easily, regardless of what game you are playing. The game was full of cheaters.
    The idea was great. Product had great potential. Execution was poor. Everything you have stated in your blog is a sure fire recipe for disaster. What many investors/producers/management forget- gaming is a cult. It is a living and organic entity. Like any organism, if it isn’t nurtured and given sustenance, it will die. Same thing for gaming and a community. If it is requiring interaction, you best give it to them if you want to retain your base. People spend hours of their lives using your product. The more you listen to their feedback, the more engrossed they become because it is a “part of them”. People identify with characters, themes and environments in games. For instance- look at the guy who was a real life RTW character. He modified his body because he believed in the product and its ambitious model. Some people call these people crazy, I call them bread and butter user that will always be there, thick or thin. They represent a larger audience that takes their gaming serious.
    When management is injected and not organically developed in a game company-like a Pepsi Co CFO becoming Electronic Arts CFO- you have a serious conflict of culture. The CFO of Pepsi is used to moving X amount of units/bottles per quarter for a predictable profit margin. You CAN’T do that with games. EA fell into a rut (they still haven’t left) and started pumping out sequel after sequel after sequel with very little new refreshing ideas. They are now doing Battlefield 3 on the Frostbite engine (DICE created evolved – currently Bad Company 2 is on that engine). There is a serious problem in my opinion with that. You are losing that nuance. You are not appealing to the creativity aspect of the gaming community. Ever notice the real winners in the industry are the ones that allow customization, provide a unique experience and is open ended? World of Warcraft is a visually dull, simple MMORPG and yet it is the rage for several reasons. 1)The platform can run on almost any machine 2)Truly open world experience 3) Characters are customizable 4) Simple leveling system plus many more I won’t go into detail. These are examples of what gets lost when you bring in management that is not grown organically within the industry.

    Sorry for the ramble, I think there is so much to be said from a gamer’s point that it regularly gets overlooked. I just felt the need to type. GL in your endeavors.

  4. APB was something I was really looking forward to. In the end I wasn’t happy with it. It was too buggy in the beta and those issues were never fixed. It wasn’t crap, just bugged to hell.

  5. Mikael says:

    Needless to say the fault lies upon higher-ups and failed management. But the real shame is, the suits responsible for blowing millions, costing jobs, wasting taxes, and robbing gamers aren’t held responsible.

  6. Steve says:

    Well I want to thank you for fucking this game up! Putting it in the trouble it’s in now. I’m really upset I followed this game for 6 years, got so many people wanting this game! I made themes I put a lot of time telling people about it. I even built a computer just for this game my first PC ever because I dislike the PC I love consoles. I spent so much money on just to play it. What pisses me off you know the games crap and you are going charge us. This game should have been big I never think t be a FAILED I really liked RTW. Crackdown was amazing you should have made a CONSOLE PORT like it was going to come on the 360. I think you should still bring it to console it would save you ! It was better off on the 360 better community !

  7. Did I really just see JC Gamer applaud Activision for having only organically-grown games management.


    • JC GAmer says:

      Please read again. That is not what was meant nor implied. I explained how their title was successful. I never said Activision was organically grown. What is meant is that when you are looking to push “units” and not remember the grassroots of gaming, you lose it.

    • Brian says:

      I think the point he was trying to make is the success that Blizzard had pre-activision, And 10 million subscribers makes a game successful no matter what you think. But yes, I think Activision is just starting to rear it’s ugly head, we didn’t start to see in game items being sold in their store for cash before they came in the picture.

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  9. Travis says:

    This article (and the follow-ups) is fantastic. It’s a very unique point in time right after a large failure where you can take stock and reflect. RTW went from an extremely successful company with a hit game to a pariah in a very short span of time. This seems like a classic case of growing too fast with a splash of bad management. Was anyone in charge? Were they originally with the company or from Games?

  10. FireStorm says:

    “””Did I really just see JC Gamer applaud Activision for having only organically-grown games management.


    Funny stuff isn’t it 😀

    Activision (pre-blizzard) had about 60-70% going RIGHT for them, now with Blizzard its all going downhill… (and I wont even talk about Blizztard)

    Alot of company’s are getting management these days that dont understand the customer or the interactions necessary to connect the community to support to the developers. A budding problem is, with so little reliable/decent competition out in the open, your kind of screwed on what you do… (this statement was originally made for Wireless Carriers and the “Unlimited” plans, but I have found that lately it can be applied to all sorts of facets)


    • Dis says:

      I’m not sure what evidence there is of Blizzard’s influence over Activision, and I’m not sure why you’re trying to point fingers at Blizzard. In the context of this blog post, they’re the ones that walked into a new genre and walked away completely dominating it in every single way like no one had ever done before.

      Blizzard does everything right that the original post talks about. Check the forums and you’ll find developers, community members, QA and GMs interacting with players every day of the week.

      • Brian says:

        Are you kidding? Activision is notorious for killing games. Look at what happened to Infinity Ward. Bobby said it himself it’s all about profits, screw the devs and customers.

  11. Bruno B. says:

    we just decided not to tell anyone, and inadvertently gave gamers the impression it was going to be free to play
    you pointed out the main issue here…
    you can’t imagine how pissed off were my friends when they heard about the monthly fees…
    we were four who had planned to buy that game i’m eventually the only one who bought the game at release… you got my point
    i hope it’s a lesson learned for the industry and it’s a shame for such a good game to be shut down like that…

  12. Dirtyboy says:

    “There are some things I am definitely not going to talk about. For example, I am not going to discuss APB’s design flaws. For one thing, I wasn’t close enough to the decisions made there to understand how we went wrong – and if I’m being honest, I don’t play online games enough to claim any great understanding.”

    Just a suggestion for the future; if you’re going to work in video games, and especially online ones, in any capacity, it would be wise to play a lot of online games.

    • lukehalliwell says:

      I know what you’re saying, and I didn’t really explain what I did at RTW. Making a game involves a lot of different people with different skills. I worked on tools to let the artists make the buildings and roads in our games. This requires strong technical skills, particularly in geometric algorithms, and from a product perspective, a deep understanding of how artists work and how they build levels. It actually has relatively little to do with the game, believe it or not. Had I worked more closely to the game as a product, I would obviously have made a point of playing a load of online games, although a better way of putting it would be that because I don’t play a lot of online games, I chose not to work closely to the game as a product.

  13. So, what you’re trying to say is, inter alia, that RTW pulled a carefully orchestrated long con on the press. Nice going, but in every confidence trick there’s the moment you just take the money and blow town before everything falls apart. So, the release came, the con fell apart and RTW had to blow town WITHOUT money. That just couldn’t end well – and it didn’t.

    And here I am, holding the bag, or should I say, the game box. What am I going to do now? And the rest of people, for that matter?

  14. Anonymous says:

    i don’t think this title should have died. Most online games have issues in the first release, its not strange. But there’s nothing you can do about over spending. You go broke, people come and take your crap.

    I personally feel this was a marketing vs. financial issue. RTW didn’t spend money where they should have (that avatar thing wasn’t a good idea this early on).
    And there was practically no t.v. adds in America.

    Regardless, i was curious. How does one purchase a game to save it?

  15. try harder says:

    It’s too bad they didn’t do better on this one. I have been wanting a game like this for a while. I hope this doesn’t scare off other developers from trying to make an MMO shooter. Hopefully whoever tries next will take more time to think about what the target audience wants in an action/shooter and envision something more exciting. The gameplay was boring and unimaginative.

    • Ronix says:

      Have you tried Global Agenda? Fun tactical team shooter with RPG elements and a paymenet model similar to Guild Wars.

  16. Shane says:

    Basically it sounds like RTW was a bunch of over ambitious, creative people that were all a bunch of fucking morons. Catch 22. Did anyone there have the balls to actually at some point get an overview of the production process and summarise all these problems? Talking to the leaders of each team should have pointed out these flaws quite easily. It sounds like there were too many departments, each with their own agendas, not being managed properly while the money holders tried to force their own will on each of these teams. I guess people have got to eat, but surely it would have been extremely clear early on that APB was doomed to fail. Faking game demos and playthroughs is surely one sign of this.

  17. Travis says:


    Clearly they weren’t over-ambitious, look at Crackdown. If a company makes a great game out of the gate why wouldn’t they expect themselves to make another great game? I don’t think you understand how games are actually made, or any piece of software really. Software congeals slowly and polish is a very real stage of development. Things don’t work until they do and sometimes you don’t realize you’ve made a mistake until it’s far too late in production to do anything about it.

    I recognize that this is the image of poor management practices but when you’re swinging from the hip trying to organize two different offices and being really busy constantly for a year it can takes it’s toll.

    Recognize this probably didn’t happen all at once, it’s only with hindsight that things become so clear. Do you think those investors didn’t care they lost a hundred million dollars? That’s a lot of money. And the investors had their say, I guarantee it.

  18. Shanie says:

    @JC Gamer: That was me. Thank you for noticing. I tried my best.

    I really thought that Realtime Worlds was doing a good job. I tried really hard, for absolutely nothing (except a t-shirt) to get people running the game and to enjoy it, because I wanted to enjoy the game too.

    But Management at RTW didn’t know what to do, and thats the ultimate reason why I had to do the work until FuzzyBunni showed up. It was upsetting, and seeing today, even more upsetting because I realize today is an “end of an era”, and all my work was for what? …For nothing.

    What a waste…

    • JC GAmer says:

      I admired your desire to help. You deserve credit for the hours of effort and care you put in. I definitely would nominate you as a community manager/mod any time.

      Thank you for your efforst

  19. anon says:

    I played around 40h during mid-late beta and by the end of that period it was obvious the game’s design and implementation just wasn’t up to par and the game was going to fail. Unfortunately any serious discusison about it was shot down by fanbois so that didn’t get addressed.

    As the game got closer to launch there were more and more potential cheaters around. That didn’t get addressed either then (which is sort of fine), and from the looks of it it didn’t help rooting them out after launch.

    Unfinished product + cheaters = fail.

  20. Casualslacks says:

    I loved playing the game and I looked forward to seeing it develop, polish, develop, draw more players in, and develop. I’m glad I got my $50 + $15 or so out of it. It sucks that I never got into the beta. I still wonder if more people played the beta for free than ever had to pay. Maybe not; I don’t know and won’t ever know. I regret not taking screenshots of my characters and getting one last run. (Privates servers anyone?)

    I look forward to reading additional posts. It’s fucked up that it’s not a merely a matter of a game or a company failing; worse than that, it’s scores of people going unemployed.

  21. Vin_diesel21 says:

    This is the biggest bereavement for me.. I was the leader of the “Knights” clan.. It was the best game I’ve been playing in.. it’s a pity that it should have happened.. Thank you for all guys!

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  25. Bob says:

    @anon “I played around 40h during mid-late beta and by the end of that period it was obvious the game’s design and implementation just wasn’t up to par and the game was going to fail. ”

    This sums it up. I think Luke’s blog post is interesting – and overall, rings true – but it misses the whole point. APB was on a lot of PC gamers’ minds, then the beta arrived and everyone bad-mouthed the terrible gameplay and lack of variety (i.e. the game design) and the online cheating. Even if everything Luke said was true, it wouldn’t have mattered one bit had the beta response been positive. Community managers, PR, QA, perhaps necessary but by no means sufficient – if a high profile title releases a beta that gamers genuinely enjoy, the game will be a hit. In APB’s case, the feedback from the beta was overwhelmingly negative which means that the game was simply not ready for beta. It’s one thing to have a buggy beta or a beta with a lot cheats/hacks, but to have poor gameplay (you know, the heart of the game that you repeat over and over and over for hours on end) is a capital offense.

    Bottom line, IMHO: Forget all the other crap, a title with genuinely fun gameplay and a solid advertising campaign will perform well the vast majority of the time. With fun gameplay, APB would have been a hit despite the cultural problems.

    Luke, good luck on your next venture!

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  28. Anonymous says:


  29. Anonymous says:

    Bateman = SuitMonkey

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  35. Hamsassa says:

    thank u so much for this posts

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  40. Paul says:

    It was fun though. I did like playing APB, at-least initially. I never visited the forms so I didn’t realize so much cheating was going on. I just got frustrated on how often I kept getting killed when I am usually 4:1 in Bad Company 2. Seemed to crop up in the last month:P

    What strikes me more than anything was that it took 100M to make it. I mean, while games do need allot of money to be as flashy as they are, that seems an awful lot for the minimal content.

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  42. LQne says:

    So i need to know Apb is closing? No more game time? They went down and they cant do nothing about thet?

  43. Artem78901 says:

    Uncle please save APB ((((((((((

  44. Втыкатель says:

    Для Меня Это Огромная утрата! Я Состоял в Клане “Рыцари”я нашол Сотни Новых Друзей и знакомх! Но я Всегда Буду помнить и надеятся что АПБ Воскрестнит! Так Же я Передаю Привет Всем Своим Бывшим Сокланам!
    Мне Жаль Что Всё Закончилось так…

  45. Artem78901 says:

    привет всем!, бля разрабы спасите APB плиз!!!!!!!!

  46. LQne says:

    No Guys srsly wen wasted the much money. tryn playn The best game expraines and faild. I Realy hope APB will be risen agin. thet was for me the best game expraiens.

  47. CreatorGod says:

    А чо случилось то?) Мне лень читать стало все , и переведенное половина не понятна ))
    Судя по комментам, конец не из лучших… ((…

    Я тоже состоял в клане *Knights* и был рад состоять там, нашел много всяких утырков с которыми можно было хорошо пообщаться )

    Надеюсь АПБ снова откроют, и я снова смогу драть жопу криминалистам )

  48. Рафик says:

    эээээ, щто такое, э!?
    КреаторГод, пиривэт!)

  49. Wolf2k20 says:

    i personally dont care what anybody says,
    this has been the most, exciting thrilling game known by
    me to play a game such as this one with so much potential.
    i bought the game the day it came out,
    every night after work id play it till late
    then on a weekend i spent all day even 24 hours playing it.
    it has been the most addictive game to my knownledge.
    there was loads of cheaters but at the same time was so fun.
    i thought that rtw would rebuild this breakdown
    and recover the game.
    this is the future of not only online gaming
    but in all games ever to be created.

    will anyone ever re-make a game like this?
    maybe so and if so they should plan before design
    knowing the risks and how they can over come their obstacles.

    i know there isnt only me who thinks this and enjoys playing
    but what do companys think?
    i suppose we have to wait for the future.
    if and i mean IF APB runs again then i
    will be more than over the moon to play this
    magnificent game.

    a real shame but what can we all do?

  50. karatay says:

    APB come back///

  51. Hibiki says:

    Pleaz, comme back!(RTW)

    don’t let us lonley!

  52. INTERPROFF says:

    Игра была супер!!! Но очень печальная концовка! Вот взяла бы компания MICROSOFT да и вернула бы к жизни APB,ведь XBOX360 не дала погибнуть когда то,из такой жопы подняла!?

  53. misha says:

    Please, restore APB. It one such in own way, it very much to be pleasant to me, and much the rest. Return us it, I beg you 😦

    АПБ – должна жить!

  54. u.u plez come back 🙂

  55. misha says:

    Кстате, всем здарова пасаны 😀

  56. LoveAPB says:

    I love APB , come back APB!!!!!!

  57. ROGER SNEYD says:

    Hi well just like to say that i think its 1 of the best games that i’ve play in years, i have been gaming for about 25yrs now, got all the new releases etc over the years and i look back at those and find that they are nothing to this game…i found it was really additive with different miisions, contacts, weopons etc not to mention the market place and customisation of 8 different characters you can create. every game has its faults, look at 1 of the most recent 1 with modern warfare 2, with not having dedicated servers and all still to this day, so many faults with connection issues and steam….just 1 of many games to name faults i guess, but at the end of the day nothing wrong with a patch to sort connection graphics cheaters out etc, i really do hope that this game comes to live again soon i really miss it and so do many others…the games made now just re open servers so it can breath again and get reconized by the gameing community, its to good to die after all these years making it…..

  58. OtMoRoZoK says:

    блин разраблтчики верните АПБ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. xfame1 says:

    Please come back APB

  60. Anonymous says:

    APB, COme Back :3 Epic Game u must buy it !!! >.<

  61. Hank says:

    Hey i dont say plz comback 😛
    I say we see us =)

  62. Pahan says:


  63. cska says:


  64. EG.Gnom says:

    Greetings to all of you. Developers of firm Realtime Worlds your game was something not usual, and I would tell a masterpiece, with the lacks, but nevertheless merits was more, much more, we will forget you when, and very much we would hope that you have returned to a system of developers. Also have returned to life game, it was very interesting to cooperate with you as the user of game. Nevertheless to me not so clearly reason of your bankruptcy and whether costed that the project “My World”, but it isn’t especially important.

    We trust In YOU Realtime Worlds, we hope to see you again. You won’t suffice me.

    -=-=-Верим в вас Realtime Worlds-=-=-

  65. Ruslan says:

    Return again to us APB,Надежда умирает последней!!***APB***

  66. shireevrus says:

    ***APB***Будит все банч если все встанит на свои места!!!Return again to us

  67. _SoFT_ says:

    Muy buenas, Solo espero que restaureis el juego o como minimo mantener los servers que la gente paga, normalmente deberian de durar un poco mas los servers no lo que habeis hecho a muchas personas dejar de funcionar los servidores.
    Vender el juego lo mas rapido posible o restaurar RTW o hacer algo por los usuarios que pagamos todos los meses y teneis un buen beneficio de ello con mas de 130.000 usuarios pagando una media de 20E al mes…

    Un saludo SoFT

  68. DEADFOX(Inferanl Legion) says:


  69. NikoFM says:

    Return again to us APB, мы верим в вас!!!

  70. Alex says:

    Do not look at those who criticize. Look how many people asked to come back to life APB. Game is great and the sweep!Realtime Worlds waiting for your big return !

  71. Egor says:


  72. niico__ says:

    APB COME BACK PLEASE !!!!!!!!!

  73. Gr1zzly says:

    PLEASE return to us APB!!!! please!!

  74. Anonymous says:

    RTW please find an someone who want buy this game or just comeback…

    You see we need the game, and i miss it really…

    =( Pls comeback..

    APB = Francesco

  75. Maugli says:

    Return APB please ! thx…

  76. APB come back says:

    Pls come back we love you

  77. Jeniffer says:

    APB… come back please. RTW, I am/was fascinated about this game (Game of the year 10 for me)! I didn’t see coming this end, I know about it since 5 days that APB will go offline. Please find someone who is able to restart the servers!! I miss my friends and my character ;)! APB GO ON AGAIN PLS!!

  78. Daniel says:

    Why didnt you sell the game to epic games before it was too late fools?

  79. NIKscorpion says:

    You MUST do something! If need , We all will try to help!

  80. Someone says:

    Why didn’t you sell it?? You establish a new enterprise with new name… only for to operate the servers with apb, then, when all works good enough, you will work on updates and patches. Is that an idea? 😉 APB has to be alive. Greets to all

  81. Forbidden Forgiveness says:

    dam straight they were too quiet and completly ignored us gamers. they kept everything about the game and its works to themselves, they kept to themselves for so long, now they really DO have the game all to them selves.

    they always addressed 1 side of the game, and never anything about the other half that made it a whole. when u talk to 1 side of the crowd, and the other is staring at your back the whole time, by the time you turn around all you’ll be seeing is thousands of backs walking away.

  82. SgtDeath12 says:

    i want my money back i spent $70 on that. that is not chump change

  83. yoss says:

    relancer apb ces vraiment un bon jeu svp

  84. J-F says:

    Come back , i have pay for this game is for play !
    is not legal close a online game !

    i add only 750h of game time 😥

    realy happy if apb come again
    and now we never buy for ea again

    why add a patch and close after ! you are stupid !
    look eve online is a mmorpg and they have a lot of player
    you add a great style just you need put it over

  85. J-F says:

    c’est un bon jeux , mais avec une compagnie pourie!!!!

  86. fl1p says:

    APB est le meilleur jeux que j’ai jouer !
    relancer les serveurs !

  87. Fadex says:

    FFS give me my money back! i just f***ing bought the game! i played for like 2 days and the you said shut down! that stupid.
    Money back or this game back.

    makes no sence why this came to an end, sell the game or leave the servers up without patching it.

    this is really not fair actually i dont think RTW guys know what big community there was in that game, i knew alot of ppl playing that game and then i bought and now its closed sad but lame!

  88. Genuine-Crazy says:

    I really hope that APB will rise from the dead and then it will become a best game ever!!! Even now that is the best game I ever had played…

  89. Ins says:

    Is that it. You write a brief, and thanks us for playing????? Dont get it!!! get a loan or something but putt the game back online. How mutch is it cost to buy the game rights???

  90. Ins says:

    Realy how mutch. Or is it not for sell???? How mutch you need to get it back online??? The rest comes later???? Tell me i want to know??? I sold my company was ready for something els. Maybe i buy it. Tell me how mutch.

  91. carlos says:

    well, i never play any game on computer before this is the first and i belive that no game can compare to this one, this game is unique. Now this game came out and it only took like a month to shut down, I think you guys have the power to bring it back to life. Only thing that you may change is the shooting agians the cars windows they dont break. But everyting else is the best. Please bring this game back.

  92. Brian says:

    It really is a bummer.
    I liked the game. Definitely. What I don’t understand is why people insist on bitching about it, about getting their money back. They don’t have any money to give you. Go cry.
    Second, Epic Games came out and said themselves that they have no intention of buying the game.
    Don’t blame RTW there.

    I’m sure we can expect to see something similar go into development. Bottom line is, what they did was cutting edge by all means. They attempted something that hasn’t been done before, allowing an insane amount of individuality. Granted nobody really gave a fuck what your character looked like.
    Bottom line is shit hit the fan. Obviously. All these people who are getting pissed off about how flawed the game was or how much money they spent on it need to go try to make something better from scratch themselves. It wont happen.
    Just put on your big boy pants and deal. I for one am grateful to have played at all.

  93. Angelina says:

    Jamais un jeu n’a proposé un systeme de custom aussi poussé, c’était une révolution, un vrai bijou ce jeu, surtout pour les filles qui aiment créer des vêtements ^^. C’était aussi deux jeux en un seul (FPS and Run car). Merci RTW. Pitié ! réouvrez les serveurs !!!
    Never a game proposed a systeme of custom so pushed, it was a revolution, a real jewel this game, especially for the girls like creating clothes ^^. It was also two games in the only one (FPS and Run car). Thank you RTW. Pity! Open again the servers!!!

  94. john says:

    gutted its gone maybe luke if your reading this you must still have cotacts from APB
    and maybe you can help out theres a community who love to play APB that RTW left in the cold people are looking to save apb even its own community and right now are struggleing to create public servers for APB if someone could leak the server files it would be awsome or even help in the creation of a server set for APB the game could still live and all of your hard work wouldn’t be wasted knowing that people are still loving and enjoying a game you helped to create check out
    http://www.actiondistrict.com they are looking for ppl who have knowledge in c++ to help create private apb servers please if you read this luke your are only hope.

  95. Radicchio says:

    This game was the bomb! sometimes when i was at my job i really needed this game.
    it was like a drug or somthing. I got the hunor to say that i actually pre-orderedthe game. I was there from the whole beginning, to the very ending. The game was awesome man, and I’m really happy that i got to play this game. i’m not sorry for my money, but i’m sorry for the game.
    peace, i’ve said enough.
    I gotta go play some L4d2…

  96. Илья says:

    Продавайте “All Pionts Bulletin” компании “Epic Games” по их условиям!! Ведь это лучше, чем остаться ни с чем!!!! Кто меня поддерживает, напишите – “поддерживаю”.
    Sell “All Points Bulletin” companies “Epic Games” on their conditions!! After all it is better, than to remain with wthat!!!! Who supports me, write – “I support you”.

  97. Anonymous says:

    почему не запускается игра?

  98. Anonymous says:

    Okay guys, seriously. I know there’s no money left. But could you at least like… give all our character data and login files and such to actiondistrict or something so we don’t have to start ALL OVER again on private servers? I was like 100k away from 1 mil to buy a 3 slot jericho and yeah… I would not want to have to start all over again unless actiondistrict is going to give us all the achievements and infinite money and all level 3 upgrades and just sorta have it as a fun vs server basically. That or bring the game servers back up somehow… siphon it if you have to.

    Secondly, I still see this game for SALE in my local Wal-Marts and Best Buys… did you guys not issue a recall or notice to pull the game from the shelves? I actually saw someone buying it and I didn’t bother to say anything cause hey if them buying it somehow helps to get things up again then so be it cause I love this game, but they are going to be pissed when they get home and go “I just spent $60 and now cannot play the game I paid for?” and having opened the packaging they won’t get a return either being that it is an online game lol… so yeah… what are you going to do? Interesting that I can still “Start” the game, watch the opening vids… access account info, hell create a new account still works, just can’t login cause no server to login to but myeah… REVIVE APB AND LET IT BE LONG LIVED.

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  100. Shimplik says:

    Русские финансируйте ABP, ведь эта игра лучше остальных!!! Администрация(Administration) пожалуйсто придумайте чтонибуть!!!

  101. Shimplik says:


  102. GladiatoRSaW says:

    Верните APB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ПЛИЗЗЗЗЗЗЗЗЗЗЗЗ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLS come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Random user says:

    The game was great. There was realy many good points. But what went wrong?
    In my opinion, the general flaw was that devs were ignoring almost all feedback from the comunity. It seemed that devs had their own opinion about how everything should work, and they cared not about any other opinions. And so, many other problems result from this.
    Matchmaking. During the whole existance of the game comunity were asking to rebuild matchmaking system, make it based not only on a threat level, because many new gamers had quited after being pwnd several times by better players with better weapons and upgrades.
    Weapon balance. From the well begining of the game on side (enforcers) just had more and better weapons (stabbas). During the first months enforcers had OP NL9, then (and until the death of the game) , without any reason, devs made CCg a new OP gun for their so loved enfrocers. Why? Hell if I know, even enforcers were complaining about that, ’cause they wanted to play with stun weapons, but not with OP guns.
    Cheats. We all know that PB SUCKS BIG TIME. And the game wasn’t even working normaly when PB was on. So, a big amount of cheaters turned off many players too.
    Boring missions. I didn’t care much about that, but missions were very similar, and that system “press F to complete the objective” was boring too, devs could make minigames instead of just holding F.
    APB has such a big potential, and it’s very sad to see it all ruined…

  104. Grifin says:

    What’s wrong with they? Sell project All Points Bulletin another company, or why you don’t sell APB to “Epic Games”. You almost has nothing, what you want? money?

  105. Naitmer says:

    Апб Навсегда ( apb Forever )

  106. D.C says:

    R.I.P APB

    Was a fun ride.

    now to dispose of the cd

  107. Nass says:


  108. CaHeK30rus says:

    Верните APB!!!!!
    Return APB please!!!!

  109. Viper7 says:


  110. AKUSTEK says:

    Return ALL POINTS BULLETINS please!!!!

  111. VITEKrussia says:


  112. VITEKrussia says:

    PLSS !! D:

  113. VITEKrussia says:


  114. ilia says:

    PLS RETURN APB!!!!!!!!:(

  115. JuuuS says:

    Return APB PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Artem78901 says:

    Return APB PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. MamboMaske says:

    Please come back APB best game 4ever!!!!!

  118. lukehalliwell says:

    Hey APB players. I realise you’re all here because the game is now fully offline and the final patch notes link here. I’m afraid I can’t help though! I don’t work for Realtime Worlds any more.

    From all the publicly available information I’ve read, it does sound like APB is finished now. There is hardly anyone left at Realtime Worlds now so there is nobody to operate the game. They tried to sell it but nobody wanted to buy it. I think it’s done.

    • Ins says:

      Yo mate i just sad yesterday, that i hust sold my own company a couple weeks ago. For me was tthe time to do soemthing different. My hobby is gaming, so i do not get mutch money for my company. Its was a small company, but with great profit. So maybe is my calling i wanted to do something different. Maybe this is just the right thing to do. I do not have millions on my bank account, but i have some money. It must be enough for set the servers online again. And after that with a couple off smart idees, and with a fast implementation. I wanted to say we???? You guys make this game to rise and shine again. And for me maybe a dream that come tru. So can somebody send me a link or something, or with who do i have to get in contact with about the cost of the game???/ Please help me to achieve this dream of mine. Thanks

    • bobbyd says:

      Hi Luke,

      I updated the patch notes to say that you can’t help bring APB back as you don’t work for RTW any longer, and to give some more information on the current state of APB. As far as I understand it there are still some companies interested in buying APB.



  119. }I{eka says:

    Give us APB back! we have payd for it!
    Ich habe wirklich erfolgsschanzen bei apb gesehen,
    ist mit abstand das beste onlinegame.

  120. Please return to APB I LOVE APB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ПОЖАЛУЙСТА ВЕРНИТЕ ЕЁ ВЕРНИТЕ АПБ Realtime words я зря бабло потратил!!!???Realtime Words you are Super Please!!

  121. Realtime worlds we trust in you=)!!Мы верим в вас!!

  122. ililDClili says:

    Return APB !!!!

  123. Anonymous says:


  124. f4resident says:


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  126. Anonymous says:

    Come back please APB

  127. Alex says:

    Return please APB!!!

  128. Uefa says:

    Come back please APB!!!Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. kr1egster says:

    Yeah. It’s right about that many of people didn’t understand this game. All time they are want more specific and beautiful game with cool graphics, nice plot and good gameability with powerful in-game interface. In my opinion, this game is THE BEST what i had ever seen, cuz in this game mixed all my best actions from all games: urban shooter, racing abilities on cars, and customize of almost everything in APB. I’m a pity.

  130. chris18001 says:

    Please give us APB back there must be sponsores on the world !!

    We payed for APB because it was one of the best online Games or why we wont play WOW so please give it us back !!

  131. hunter says:

    Dans un premier temps je tiens à faire part de mon méconttantement!
    C est une honte sans nom se qu’il vient de se produire pour cette ingerrance flagrance, cet abandon, et ce marketing completement néant car pour qu un jeu marche et bien il faut qu’il y est de la communication et la bouche à oreillle ça fonctionne avec la boulangerie du coin mais pas un mmo!!!
    Bref j aimerai vivement que le jeu reprenne histoire que j interpelle un peu quoi!!

  132. Fatonus says:


  133. vermander dieter says:

    ive stopped playing games since APB went down … i loved this game so much that nothing else is good enough anymore!

    i want APB back …. wtf epic games buy APB!

  134. Wasp says:


    I had a good time with the game. Not realy balanced but funny and with mutch mutch potential in it. I am realy sorrow over the fast “game over” at the end ;(

    The hardest thing was that with the last patch 1.4.2 da dream came true “skill only server” but in hell i never get the chance to play it.

    I hope the game or the conept behind it come back in the future, mybe!?

    so far Wasp

    And sorry for my realy bad english

  135. Hin says:

    Please return APB!!! o.O

  136. ThinGZinC says:

    J’ai la sensation de m’être fait arnaqué en achetant ce jeu moi !
    Je l’ai acheté début septembre, je suis sûr qu’ils savaient déjà que ça allait mal, j’ai joué à fond durant 2 semaines, mes 50h ont été utilisé en un rien de temps, ensuite j’achéte pour 1 mois en illimité… Et le lendemain ils annonces qu’ils vont arrêter !!!
    Je suis d’accord avec Hunter, il y a eu vraiment un manque de communication, une ingérance incompréhensible
    Et en plus lorsque je leur écris, je n’ai jamais de réponse à mes mails. On ne sait toujours pas si on doit jeter APB à la poubelle ou si on peut espérer qu’il remarche un jour ?!
    Au bout d’un moment il faut prendre ses responsabilités et apporter des réponses aux questions que la communauté APB vous posent depuis un certains temps. Ne nous ignorez plus, c’est ce qui a en parti causé votre perte !!!

  137. ThinGZinC says:

    Et puis si APB ne devait plus remarcher, ce serait vraiment sympa que la communauté puisse obtenir de quoi faire nos propre serveurs dédiés, histoire de ne pas l’avoir acheté pour rien…
    Au moins, surtout, APB continuerait de vivre !

  138. Scallenta says:

    Apb Come Back pls

  139. Anonymous says:

    Go GO Go Go go go go go !!! APB APB a wont APB

  140. Тимофиус says:


  141. Pandi says:

    Do not let that APB died! Come back soon in a big way!

  142. Anonymous says:

    just brought the game – played once – game dead

    Where are EA in all this?
    EA put thier name on the box but why do they not ensure people like me can still play the game. how much does it cost them to keep a server up?

    Beware EA games – we are all but cashcows.

  143. Pingback: Anonymous

  144. Flay says:

    APB was the magnificent Game. And thats what i really mean, Game. A true masterpiece. Too bad that many people simply dumb enough to not see it :(. APB was made with soul, and it had one. In every piece of the game u could see a part of developers heart. I hope it will come back again one day. After APB i just dont wanna play any other game =( its not like loosing a game, its just like..loosing a close friend. I just cant believe it’s gone..such a game shouldn’t over this way..APB should have been closed only in like 5 years..and only after APB2 is here to replace. Anyway thanx to all the guys from RTW, even though it didn’t last long, it absolutely worth it.

    Hope to see it again some day!

    Best regards, Flay

  145. Dav... says:

    Ich Hoffe das wer so klug genug ist und das spiel wieder zum laufen kriegt
    den dieses spiel hat zukunft…

  146. Dav... says:

    I hope the one who is wise enough and the game to run back to get
    this game has the future …

  147. Someone says:

    i don’t know how often i will try the apb launcher in future… please write all news in here…. i bought it, for me it’s the best game ever, so i want to play it when it will be on again… from the first day!! 🙂

  148. Slithery says:

    Bring it back please.

  149. ThinGZinC says:

    Répondez à cette question simple !
    Devons nous mettre APB à la poubelle ?
    OUI ou NON ?!

  150. Shakz says:

    one of the best games i played, which makes it all the more disappointing to see it end like this. will reconsider before i buy games in the future, thats for sure….

  151. Dober says:

    this game is the future!

  152. john says:

    Luke i am your father !
    No seriously luk alliwellyou have the power with c++ to help the community to build apb emu for a private server, or you stil have the contacts to leak the server files or make it open source i know RTW is gone but if the servers were still up ppl would still be playing regardless of what RTW was doing.
    So if there were private servers or the servers went public or were released then APB could live again there has to be some guys you know at RTW that has the knowledge to help the community the community that paid money for a game they can’t play i myself bought two copies £70.00 gbp and played for 4 weeks before the game ended.
    i would be totaly happy if the servers were still up or the source code was made public

    Surely there is a way you could help, talk to the right ppl assist the ppl who are already trying to create a server Dont let APB die and all the hard work you did at RTW “USE THE FORCE LUKE”
    please your our only hope!!

  153. Nass says:

    ThinGZinC +1
    On nous laisse dans le doute et j’aime pas sa moi,
    J’passe pratiquement ma vie sur mon pc pour avoir des nouvelles !
    Donc RTW y nous faut une réponse …

  154. dani says:


  155. MAnakel says:


  156. Vlatko Nedevski says:

    Hi guys!

    well only thing i can say is it was along time i hade fun playing mmo games untill i tryed APB,, and i think that it sad what just happened whit this game and it was truely
    the best mmo game i ever played. I hope you guys come back and rebuild this game and maybe more players buy the game ,anyways thanks for your time and i hope to c ya all soon :),

  157. SeregaChirok says:

    Return APB! I love APB,APB my life!!! 😦 Return!!

  158. yoss says:

    quand vous voulez vous reouvrez les serveurs

  159. Anonymous says:

    seht zu ich will weiter spielen

  160. KAVIN says:

    why t f !!!! the servers are mostly down …… i din get it …..i pay to play …..now to inspect when the servers are ready and play ……

  161. ThinGZinC says:

    Ils en ont vraiment rien à foutre de nous, ils ne prennent jamais le temps de nous répondre !
    Non seulement ils n’ont pas su gérer APB et en plus ils sont en train de tuer la communauté à nous snober comme ça. Ils nous ont bien pris pour des vaches à lait, on s’est bien fait enculé en achetant APB !!!
    Faut pas croire qu’on se fera avoir une 2ème fois, vous pouvez ressortir un autre APB, d’ici là vous aurez perdu presque toute la communauté.
    Pour ma part, je jette ce jeu à la poubelle et je ne veux plus en entendre parler.
    Il va falloir murir les gars si vous voulez vraiment vous faire un nom dans le monde des jeux, pour le moment vous êtes en train de passer pour des bites !…

  162. john says:


    lol Bring back APB NOWWWWWWWWWWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. Aki says:

    Gibt es irgendwo informationen darüber ob und wann es weiter geht im netz ?
    Wie laufen die verkaufsverhandlungen ? Gibt es überhaupt welche ?
    Besteht die chance das es in absehbarer Zeit wieder weiter geht mit APB ?

    Ich denke das sind so die Fragen die den meisten fans am wichtigsten sind und man
    gespannt darauf wartet . Also mehr info pls ! Immerhin haben wir für dieses spiel bezahlt … und durften NUR knapp 3 monate spielen obwohl es ja angeblich einen
    3 jahres – plan gegeben hatt .
    Das spiel ist mit das beste was ich spielen durfte in vergangenheit … und so wie mir ging es wohl verdammt vielen leuten . Ist es da zuviel verlangt wenn man etwas mehr bemühungen erwartet von den machern oder ex-machern des spieles ?
    Denke nicht !
    RTW is pleite … warn schuss in den ofen ,,, schön und gut .. aber nen teil davon könnt ihr der comunity wieder gut machen wenn man sich jetzt trotzdem noch bemüht .
    aber ich sehe da NULL !

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  165. Someone says:

    Hey guys, i know, you have so much more problems than the community here. Your enterprise failed. I think you have a lot work to do… But now i like to say to you, maybe there went something wrong with the money/business, but the result (APB) was great!!

    Please enter all news about the sell of APB here. Is it still a discussion to sell it?
    I liked this game so much ;). It has to come back!

  166. Fabian says:

    Apb bring pls back

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  168. APB was actually a highly anticipated game in our peer group. We did wonder what was up with the lack of press releases but overall there were high expectations with it. Ultimately, Luke was feeling some of the pressures of having to deal with some odd upper management pressures, though one could firmly assume that parties that do acquire large funding for projects like this would end up hiring more FOO’s (Friends of Owner) which could impact the company stride in getting a well polished game out.

    I would like to suggest however that small-medium sized developers tap into the large indie development community that has emerged since Unity came out with a free version for them to practice on. This particular community could augment testing areas for an even cheaper cost if large scale closed alpha testing was too costly. The sad thing is though that there is a great divide when it comes to operating principles and creative direction when one has to deal with too many FOO’s. I can only imagine what its like in the Activision-Blizzard offices.

    I think its at a point where we’ll see a type of revolution in regards to game development. Sooner or later the coders, creative personnel, as well as media people will now start banding together without the large scale publishers that normally fund these types of media. Hopefully there’ll be a proper forum for them to knock heads together. Neogaf is a very good example of such a community. Yet, even in such scenarios, development doesn’t happen as fast as you’d see it done with the larger corporate entities. Take a look at DudeBro2 and you’ll see what i mean regarding a new revolution in making games.

  169. Pissed says:

    you guys are scam artists, you made it $50 then assured ppl it was worth it
    but after everyone bought it you were like “lolz srry, our bad”
    next time you release something everyone will remember this failure

  170. Increaser says:

    Hi Folks at RTW : Please Update this community with news about RTW – APB, its a shame that a Game that worked now worthless on any machine remains…
    A bunch of Guys (including me) spend much Time in that Game and loved it, so its really sad. Maybe is there a chance for an LAN/Offline Patch?! With Bots.. ? This could save you a part of your ex- customers. Hope APB will go Online as soon as possible, if there is a Investor…, you did a good Job, but the Cheaters and the wrong decisions (about the Payment Methode, and the Bugs also) brought the Game down!

    Well, i wish everybody at RTW the best in Future, what’s ever next in their lives.
    Hope we all see us on the Servers again.

    Regards Inc

  171. Hi,

    This page will be updated infrequently to give you some information about the current state of APB.



  172. In-case it’s not clear, the URL I’m referring to above is http://apb-eu.dnsalias.org/PatchNotes/



  173. Just another one says:

    Project MyWorld buyer revealed – Report

    Former Realtime Worlds chairman Ian Hetherington said to have purchased social gaming platform to bring to market at new company, Kimble Operations.


    what does it mean? i speak german…

  174. Wolf2k20 says:


  175. RB says:

    Serves you bloody right. I felt deluded following the beta of this game and I couldn’t even discuss my experience outside of your forums. Then you throw us all a bombshell that the game was subscription only! That’ll teach you to be so greedy and totally forget about the end user. I had a large grin on my face when I heard this news – the beta sucked and your business model sucked. What enjoyment can anybody take in a game that drains their finances? WAKE UP.

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  177. yoss says:

    ya til un espoir pour apb merci de nous tenir au courant ca serai sympa

  178. Miss my acont says:

    Best mmo game ever made! Dont let it go..

  179. Games industry is fcked. says:

    “…if I’m being honest, I don’t play online games enough to claim any great understanding.”


    “I can see how these rules make sense for big, established online games.”

    YEAH, NO.

    Does indeed sound like a management frigging nightmare but even fixing everything that was broke I can’t say I believe this game would have been good.

  180. Marabon says:

    “On 11 November 2010 online games company, K2 Network, purchased APB for £1.5 million. No time frame for re-release or reactivation of servers was annonouced.”


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  182. Marabon says:

    “On 16 November 2010 K2 subsidiary company Reloaded Productions, announced that APB will be renamed APB Reloaded[2] and relaunched during the first half of 2011 as a free to play game.”

  183. Panda says:

    Sounds like your management had some sorta odd “cargo cult” mentality going on there, I mean it seems they thought that if they look like a big corporation with all the bells and whistles and inefficiency, they automatically become big rich corporation.

    Just like cargo cultists doing those creepy re-enactments of air cargo droppings, with all their best effort. Of course nothing ever materialized.

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  185. APB fan says:

    hi there, im from holland so its a reason why my english aint that good :O
    i did read some stuff on here but i never did hear of the game apb until 2011. i saw some movies on youtube about this game, my opinion is that it looks like socom2 on the playstation2, with gta. i always wanted to see a game like this i always said like i want wow in a sooter. wel without the instances this looks a little like what i had in my head on how it would look like. i cant wait for the beta’s to release again couse irly want to play this game.
    the reason why i dint hear about this game…idont know
    it looks like a great game. im happy that the game wil come back F2P.

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  187. Deathwish says:

    many dont know whats been going on with apb and real time worlds.
    its hard to go under with EA backing you. plus many dont know that Real time worlds is still making money today. the question is who is getting the money. granted its not tons i noticed some adds online that were being paid to not by real time worlds. they wanted to make tons of money fast and when they didnt make it at the scale that they wanted they pussed out and quit.

    there were 3 major fixxes that the game needed and would have done awesome if they made them.
    1. advertising – 1 thing that if they did they would still be up and running today.
    2.missions – missions wernt the best in the sense the missions were never fair to one side or the other. and some was just luck. Example: i remember fighting off 1 player the whole mission and dominating him. but near the end i ran out of ammo and died. he took the point with me only have 30 seconds to get there and kill him plus take the point. i lost before i even got there. that frustrated many players into quiting. other missions although not the same had the same problems.
    3. weapons – weapons were way to weak. and inaccurate. unless your a dedicated gamer and a hardcore gamer. and not just 1 that thinks they are. this might sound odd unless you have exp with this from the past. weapons that are too weak make it harder to lesser players to kill and easier fro them to die. stronger weapons allow for noobs to live longer and get kills. it evens the playing field. 95% of the wrold arnt good players. while 3% are good players and the other 1% are very good while the last&less than 1% are pros.
    while the best players arent missing there shots. the noobs are. and the majority of players are noobs.
    these noobs always claim hackers when there wernt many at all. it takes a popular game for there to be an increase of hacks to even use. while at the same time those weapons also made the game unfair. 1 guy couldnt take out 2 guys. no matter how skilled that 1 guy was. 1 guys can jump 2 noobs from behind. and sure he might get 1 kills. but if they both turn around it makes for an unfair fight really fast even with his ambush. when it comes to fps or tpf you should NEVER force weak weapons on some 1.
    i know the 3rd was kinda long but understand weak weapons frustrate players. and there there to have fun not get frustrated. weak weapons was the biggest flaw in the game. people claimed it was hackers. but i got called a hacker every time i did a mission and i have never hacked to date. and the players i ran with also were always called hackers when they have never done it either. the real problem was an increase of noobs with weapons that were to weak for them to get any real kills.

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  191. Robert says:

    Hate to say it but Crackdown was really not that good of a game it shipped with the xbox. How come they didn’t make a new ps3/xbox game and improve their skills to making better types of games before makeing an mmorpg right out of the gate is crazy.

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