My first compiler

We’ve been sorting through every single piece of junk in the attic recently in preparation for moving; this one brought a particular smile to my face:

Borland Turbo C++

Yep, my first compiler.  I’d kept the sales receipt inside the box – bought in August 93, for £46.94.  That makes me 13 at the time.  I didn’t even know what a compiler was, but someone had told me that since I’d been doing BASIC for ages, I really had to get a compiler and learn C.  It sounded interesting enough to make me determined to get one.  I can’t remember how much pocket money I got back then, but I remember it seeming to take forever to save up for it.  My dad bought it through the university so I got the educational discount, which must have saved me some further weeks of waiting.

Here’s the back of the box:

Turbo C++ back of box

That’s right:

And with objects, program maintenance becomes a snap.

The golden era of object-oriented optimism!

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6 Responses to My first compiler

  1. It’s in mint condition! I can only hope it doesn’t end up in the bin.

  2. Bob Shand says:

    Ha! My first compiler was (apart from a free one on a Magazine cover disk) Watcom C 10.1

    Saved up for ages to get what the pro’s use. Dos4GW FTW

  3. dáire says:

    £46.94, thats still above my “casual spend” limit nowadays..! Well done for saving/spending that so long ago. Hope things are going well for you and family, I hear you are landed gentry now? 😀

    C++, language of the 90s…

    Precompiled headers…. grrr….

  4. Slamma says:

    This was my first compiler also! I kept my book as well. This was an amazing product. The book was so easy to pick up and plow through–very enjoyable. I certainly would have never learned C/C++ without it, and the book is still as useful as it was then.

  5. Mikkel says:

    Weirdly enough I too posted a blog post-under the same name on the 8th. I came here from RPS right now to read your “Where Realtime Worlds went wrong” posts.

    Cheers and keep it up!

  6. kenneth says:

    Hi Luke i just stumbled upon you post about procedural generation, i’m an environment artists doing my MA at Abertay and wondered if I could ask you some questions about procedural generation as a tool which enhances an artists productivity?


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