Just making a boot

I’ve been working on APB for a little while now.  It didn’t seem worth posting about at first as there wasn’t much to see of the game publicly, but after E3, there’s plenty:

I still feel like a total newbie.  Much like Timothy at the end of the (excellent) first podcast, just “making a bloody awesome boot”, I have plenty to learn about the project.  It’s been a big change, from a project starting out to a project finishing off, from a team I helped build to a team I hardly know, from being involved hands-on with the code to having not opened the IDE once: a world of new challenges.

I don’t suppose it’s often you get to work on something this cool, and I’m very excited to be a part of it.  Here’s to shipping a bloody awesome game 🙂

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  1. Rob Chant says:

    Having read your blog for some time (from a development perspective, only being a casual gamer) and vaguely understanding on what you were working, this post has made me definitely want to play the game, even if I have to upgrade my crusty old PC to do it. Living proof that blogging drives sales, whether you intend it to or not! 😉

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