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The Art of Doubt

Do you believe in ESP?  Precognition?  Clairvoyance?  Telepathy?  Psychokinesis?  Assuming you don’t (!!), how do you argue against such things?  It’s pretty simple, right: you apply the critical thinking techniques that are essential to science: Is the theory falsifiable?  In … Continue reading

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How to get a job at Realtime Worlds (3)

I hadn’t really anticipated adding a part 3, but I gave a talk at Abertay last Friday on the topic, and need to make the slides available for anyone who missed out, or who wants to follow up on some … Continue reading

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Dysfunction and fanatics

A game developer starts putting bugs in his code deliberately.  A teacher helps their students to cheat on an exam.  Another teacher throws a student’s exam paper in the bin rather than submitting it.  A shoe factory starts producing nothing … Continue reading

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