Anti-social networking

I don’t know about you, but I’m highly sick of lame wannabe social networking sites.  Not wanting to pick on one in particular, but what triggered me to write about this was a reminder I got today from Plaxo that my “invitation from jimmy is about to expire” – apparently this invitation was sent in November last year – just an idea, but perhaps there’s a reason I haven’t replied or signed up yet!  It gets better though – “Plaxo is free, easy to use and takes only a minute to join.  Come see what jimmy wants to share.”  Well, I’m curious now, in a grumpy kind of way, so let’s click on the link. After following that, I’m told he “wants to connect with you on Pulse”, where, allegedly, I can

  • “connect to your family and friends” – see, I’ve kind of done that already
  • “discover the great content your friends are creating all over the web” … well, possibly, but it’s not that convincing, is it …
  • “take it with you on Outlook, Mac, Thunderbird and your mobile phone” … wtf?  Take what?  The “great content”?  And what does it mean to take something with me on Outlook?

Of course there’s no indication whatsoever of what jimmy wants to share at this point.  So I still don’t really know what this site is, other than that it’s “social”, has something to do with “content” my friends are creating, and can’t really explain what problem it’s meant to be solving in my life.  And on the other side of the page, I can sign up – for free!  Am I supposed to be grateful somehow that I’m allowed to type in my name, email address and age (for free!!) without really knowing what I’ll get in return?  Ok so off to Wikipedia to find out what this thing really is.  Let me tell you, if I have to consult Wikipedia to find out what your product actually does, you’ve definitely lost me, unless it tells me something fantastic enough to have second thoughts.

“Connect to your friends and family.  Then take them with you to the moon and back in our space shuttle.  It’s free!”

I’m in!

Nigel Tufnel would be unimpressed

Then I keep getting invites to Naymz, for “reputable professionals”.  As far as I can tell, that’s the one where people with PhDs actually get called “Dr”.  And where you get a “RepScore” to show how “reputable” you are.  Check out their list of the level 10 people.  I bet you didn’t know it was so easy to find the most reputable people in the world!

Nigel Tufnel

Then there’s Ryze, and XING, and that’s without counting the non-business-oriented sites.  They may as well give up now …

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3 Responses to Anti-social networking

  1. Same thoughts as mine

    I am also fed up of so many networking sites

  2. uohaa says:

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    It was very nice to see this great article talking about Community!

  3. Vitaly says:

    Yeah… I couldn’t say more. I’ve once worked in a startup that was trying to create another youtube in a niche. The founder was full of ideas regarding social networking. They all came down to entertainment and getting users busy with generating valuable content for the site.
    What I want to say is:
    not many sites really care for what your real needs are, all they care for is to get you involved and start interacting with other users and start generating ad views and content for them. And it works pretty well in the beginning. Personally I got bored of social networks soon after I have discovered them. But in the beginning I was excited too.

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